Friday, February 1, 2013

Mutation or Dakhil-Kharij

In Jharkhand there are more than 210 Anchal or Block Offices where CO (circle officer) will sit and he may be authorized to sanction mutations in respect of holdings within his jurisdiction. The Land Reforms Deputy Collectors i.e. L.R.D.C. will have powers to hear mutation appeals from the orders of a Circle Officer. The L.R.D.C. will also have powers to file certificate cases. The A.C. (Additional Collector) have supervision power over the D.C.L.R. and C.O. 

Land reforms, land tenure, land records, consolidation of holding related matters are the subject of Department of Land Reforms. Recovery of claims in respect of arrears of Land Revenue is also the subject matter of the department of Revenue and Land Reforms.

Mutation (in Hindi Dakhil-Kharij) is the recording of a transfer of title of a property from one person to another in the revenue records. Registration is one part and mutation is second. After registry, mutation is needed. Mutation is a Must. It is because of mutation that your name (as the owner of house) comes in Nagar Nigam Records. Compensation is given to farmers based on the mutation records and not on the registry records. If person ‘A’ has registry in his name of a piece of land AND for the same land mutation is in the name of person ‘B’, then Government will give compensation to person ‘B’ and not ‘A’.

For mutation, approach Anchal/Block Office of the area where the land is situated with mutation charges and application on a plain paper, along with Non-judicial Stamp of maximum of Rs. 5/- containing the following information (i) the name of the village in which the right has been acquired; (ii) the description of the right acquired; (iii) the name, parentage, caste and residence of the person from whom the right has been acquired; (iv) the manner in which the right has been acquired; (v) the name, parentage, caste and residence of the person who has acquired the right; and (vi) the date on which the right was acquired. Copy of document on the basis of which the mutation is sought e.g. Sale Deed, Will etc.

On your application, Circle Officer has to act within a month that is either he accept your application or reject it on some technical ground but when he reject your mutation application on technical ground, he shall communicate the reason thereof.

 Disclaimer: All the contents are for general use and information.  Consult your lawyer before acting.

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